5 Best Ways To Supercharge Your Design Learning


Since 2007, there have been tons of changes in the field of design. Now, there are thousands of tutorial sites, communities, professional individuals sharing their knowledge and tons of opportunities to learn and earn being a designer.

Today, I’d like to discuss some methods and techniques to supercharge your design learning. Keep learning latest things everyday from the below to successfully able to design most appealing design just like the best website design in perth that provides website designing services according to the customer’s requirements.

1 Show Up Everyday

Developing a ritual of learning is the key to establish continuous learning routine which allows you to jump-start your learning experience. So, allocate some time everyday to learn design and have it each day of your time you want to continue studying, whether it’s few months or a year.

In order to promote learning, spread it over your routine so that you have an allocated time of your each day for learning and don’t push it too much at once, your body and brain needs to rest to cope up with the information you put into it.

  1. 1% Rule

Practicing daily is what makes you better. The trick here is to really commit to learning, set aside the appropriate amount of time and show up consistently each day. If we do simple math, learning for 60 minutes a day for one month would be 60*30=1800 minutes of your time, which by the way is a lot of time to learn something. According to professionals, becoming better by just 1 percent each day could have huge impact on the progress in just one year. Instead of practicing same thing over and over again, try to learn new things to use the benefits of tiny gains.

  1. Consider 80/20 Rule

Learning everything is not smart option. Instead, learning what really works and produces positive results is ‘smart’. The 80/20 (Pareto principle) rule states that, for plenty of events, around 80% of the effects come from the 20% causes. Same thing goes with design, you can learn about kerning, typeface anatomy, tracking and different measurements, but it won’t make you a professional designer also will make too long. So, the key here is to focus on the things that will be really beneficial for you and promote the outcomes.

  1. Adopt Learning Habits

To develop such habits, you need a trigger, a consistent routine with a reward. You can start to learn design first thing in the morning which can be your trigger, then study for 30 minutes and have a reward that makes you happy such as watching favorite TV show or desert. It makes it desirable and pleasurable and the entire process will be much more enjoyable.

  1. Take up a Challenge

Take a challenge and commit publicly to a fixed period of time to create and show up everyday. It can easy similar to a 30 day sketching challenge or as hard and complex as 365 photo everyday challenge. Simply think of what you want to learn, pick a time and deliverables and let people know that you’re committing.

Bottom Line

To really understand the process of design, you need to break it down and get to the essentials then try to recreate it on your own way. When you’re breaking things down, look at the big picture and take it step-by-step, developing analytical thinking will help you be more organized in your future work.

Smart Tips For Shopping Clothes Under Budget

girl shopping

Here are some smart shopping tips which you should follow if you wish to carry out a budget friendly shopping.

Go For The Classics

Fortunately, men can wear something that’s several years old and not look dated, because most of what’s out there for men is classically styled.

Here are some staples that have been adopted into the eternal wardrobe of men:

* White button down shirts

* The trench coat

* Black suit

* Sports jacket/Blazer

* Overcoat

* Zip-up hoodie

* Oxfords

* Polo

* Tie

* White T-shirt

* Sunglasses

* Jeans

* Watch

* Black belt

You can create so many combinations of outfits by stocking up on these staples and mixing and matching them together.

Only But What You Need

Sounds like common sense, but when you start shopping for less and learning hoe to get sucked into wanting to buy more things. You are under the illusion that you are saving money, but in reality you are not.

Whether you are spending a hundred dollar on one shirt, or buying twenty items for five dollars, you are still spending a lot.

So you should really ask yourself that do you really need what you are buying. Would you buy it even if it wasn’t on sale?

When you absolutely need something, find the most flattering thing that’s on sale. If nothing down from full price, make do what you have until it does.

Buy Socks and Underwear For Less

Unless you are ridiculously rich, and love to remind yourself of this fact every time you take of your shoes or go to the bathroom, save money on socks and underwear.

Save money for the piece where the premium in price will really communicate or show in the quality. Capitalize on the fact that when it comes to underwear, socks, solid colored tees, or even belts, you can find them really cheap and get away with nobody noticing the difference.

Surprising Secrets About How To Save Money On Nutrisystem


I am a very practical guy and I daily search for tactics for making shopping more budget-friendly as much as possible. And with little persistent efforts, Nutrisystem can easily fit into your budget or even cheaper than your regular food budget. Here are my top secrets to help you pay a discounted price for Nutrisystem.

Join The Nutrisystem Online Community

Now let me first point out that this is not an instant way to save money, but if you sign up for the community then the special community deals will be periodically emailed to you. But, you should be willing to wait for the special promotion that you cannot refuse.

Check If Your Health Insurance Offers a Nutrisystem Discount

Contact Nutrisystem helpcare at 1800-435-4074 and ask them the following question. “I need to know if I qualify for a discount through my health insurance?” and they will revert you with the proper channels.

Find Nutrisystem Coupons 

The Nutrisystem diet program is nutritious weight loss program and has gained so much popularity. The portion controlled meals are convenient to consume and you can get over the burden of diet plans. You might not have heard about this, but, you can get very good discounts by just click here.

Locate a $30 Nutrisystem Referral Discount

The current members of Nutrisystem online community can send you a promo email from which you can get $30 off on your first purchase. Even a quick google search might help you find someone that can send a promo email.

Use Cash-Back Web Services

Now, the percentage of cash back may vary depending on each site. So, shop around to find the best deal available. To my knowledge, they all offer cash back on first purchase only but remember not to apply for recurring auto delivery orders.

After Join Deals

Nutrisystem offers a “50 clicks reward” deal for VIP members. And they have also Daily Dose page where you can click a special image on the page on 50 separate days, then they will email you a $10 off coupon code. If it’s worth to you to remember to visit the site and click for 50 days then go for it.

Join Blogger Program

There is also a Nutrisystem Nation Blogger Program where you can write weekly blog posts in exchange for free food. I do not know their exact requirements, but you can email Nutrisystem (nsnation@nutrisystem.com) to find out how to join the program.

Final Words 

All of these suggestions will help you save money off of the retail value of their meal plans. Losing Weight and Saving Money? Count me in! I would like to hear if you’ve any other tips or ideas to save money on Nutrisystem.

4 Absolute Reasons to Fly on Private Jet to Dallas

private jet

Private Jets are classy! And, the reason to fly a on private jet is not just about the comfort. It’s also about the added luxury of having no one else around. It takes more money than first class or business class commercial airlines, but, if you prefer to choose privacy, efficiency and comfort over finances, Hiring private jet is the right choice.Icarusjet is a leading jet charter services that offers cheap flights to travel anywhere in the world. Visit online or in person to hire Private Jet Dallas to grab up the discounted fares on your private jet bookings.

There are many advantages in travelling via private jets than taking commercial flights. Let’s discuss some of them:

  1. Time Saver

The biggest advantage of private jet is time saving. Some private jets fly faster than commercial airliners. And you won’t need to wait unnecessarily while you’re still on the ground.

The Next time you take a commercial aircraft, notice the time it takes between getting to the airport and actually taking off. Also notice the time it takes at immigration and security to board all the passengers and the long wait for your bags after you’re landed.

But when you fly on a private jet, the maximum waiting time is around 5 minutes only. And when you land, there will be a car waiting for you to take you to your final destination.

  1. Flexibility

Usually, The commercial jets have to deal with hub and network requirements before take-off. But, in private jets, once the tank is full, it is ready to go. Also, these jets are designed to fly at higher altitude and out of way of raw weather so ultimately they reach their destination faster.

When you fly on a private jet, you can change your plans and land at a different airport if you wish to. You can have complete control of your own schedule and of course, if you overslept or stuck in traffic, the private jet waits for you.

  1. Privacy 

The Private jets are called “Private” for a reason. When you’re in jet, you can behave as you do at home or can have a business meeting without worrying about incriminating secret information.

The larger private jets also have the separate conference facility to make the most of your time when you’re 40,000 ft above the land.


When you are travelling via private jets, the crew serves you well and treat you as a valued customer. Where, to commercial airlines, you are just a seat number.

The fine dining is also provided by plenty of catering companies. And, even in the small jets, there is enough space to sleep comfortably, entertain and do business tasks. The larger jets, which are often described as “Flying Apartments” includes fully-furnished bathrooms, bedrooms and has luxury as lavish as you can possibly imagine.

And the last thing, when you hire a private jet, you also have the freedom of choosing your pilot and crew for the peace of mind.

The Most Expensive Clothing Brands In The World


Here are a list of some most expensive clothing brands which are highly popular among a wide range of fashion lovers form around the globe.


Expensiveness and overall quality made this famous Italian brand to stand high on the top. This Italian brand is considered to be one of the most expensive brands in the world and they design apparels for both men and women. Majorly they are famous for their ties, handbags, skirts, shoes and luggage. Other than being expensive the brand caters some very luxurious and stylish items.


Chanel is one of those brands which is gaining a huge amount of demand. This brand is often favoured by a lot of famous and rich people. The brand caters stylish and rich designs which will enable you to choose between great verities. The uniqueness of this clothing brand lies in the fact that this brand does not copy other styles and maintains its uniqueness. High quality shades, skin care items and beauty products are also named after Chanel.


Are you willing to make a change in your life? Then Prada is the best option for you. Prada consist of trendy clothes which attract a large number of young fashion lovers. It is well known for having outlets around the world so are often more accessible than some of the other top brands.

Dolce and Gabbana

It is commonly known as D&G doesn’t need any introduction to describe its popularity and grace of its brand. It is one of the most famous and desirable dressing brands in the world. D&G products are liked by both men and women and are sold in large number all over the world. The quality and the texture of the dress of D&G have no match through the world.